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Scheduling a classroom training can be inconvenient for busy professionals. With online and blended courses, ProTrainings programs are available whenever you are, allowing you to pause and resume the training videos so you can come back later. Learn more

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ProTrainings can help you to meet all your Health and Safety and first aid training requirements through a mixture of accredited online, blended, and classroom courses nationwide, ensuring that you use the best, most cost effective training options available.

As a client, you will be assigned your own personal training account manager who will work with you to help you plan your training. You will also receive your own admin dashboard where you can monitor and track training for all of your employees.

Reduce the cost, not the quality, of your training. For more information call us direct on 01206 805359. Learn more

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Our students love the training they receive with ProTrainings. But don't just take our word for it. Read some of the testimonials our students have given us. Learn more

Mazin A. - Doctor - Urologist from West Midlands

“This is a vital training course for all medical professionals as well as others to prepare them to deal with this emergency. The course is delivered in a simple yet professional manner. The presenter should be highly congratulated for his magnificent performance.”

Theodoros - Consultant from Agia Varvara

“Flowing course, easy to follow, pace can be flexed up and down”

Patrick from Derbyshire

“Well delivered and easy to understand. I will recommend this course ”

Demeytri from CA

“I was thoroughly impressed with the relaxed paced delivery of information. The videos were high quality and audio was very clear. I will recommend this course to my colleagues.”

Jerzy from Wells

“Very well done! Clear instructions, up to date with the latest guidelines. Easy to complete over one afternoon. ”

Alexander - Medical Doctor from Greater London

“Well structured and easy to follow online BLS course. Save valuable time. Would recommend it.”

Penelope from cornwall

“An excellent on line training facility to refresh your knowledge and skills ”

Stefan from Bratislava

“Perfect option to get BLS certificate saving time and money especially for overseas doctors”

Carol - Advanced Nurse Practitioner from Torpoint

“Very helpful for those of us working agency and unable to gain access through NHS / PCT for updates. Thank you”

Omodolapo Titilayo - Medical Doctor from Buckinghamshire

“This is very informative and has been a recommendable experience”

Zahid - Doctor from Essex

“Easy, clear, precise and accurate format. ”

Gaynor - Podiatrist and Health Professional from kent

“A very thorough training with excellent presentation and video support. Also excellent ongoing video support. ”

Susie - Registered Occupational Therapist from Devon

“The training was clear well laid out, I liked the fact i could stop take a break and come back to the work. This is such an important skill and I appreciate the fact that i can come back for refreshers for up to 8 months and I look forward to weekly emails to keep me on my toes!”

Jason - Physiotherapist from Gloucestershire

“I feel that this is a better way of doing the training and would recommend it to others”

Nicola - Nurse from mayo

“The information within this course and the use of the videos are excellent. As a health care provider, the information here applies to all emergency situations and is very beneficial. ”

Mike - Doctor (DO/MD) from Monmouthshire

“These are really good courses and much better than the NHS provides”

Janette - Pharmacy Technician from Herefordshire

“This was an easy to understand comprehensive training programme covering possible eventualities for Healthcare professionals. Easy and enjoyable training.”

Christopher - Doctor (DO/MD) from England

“Great concise and up to date training at your convenience. I will strongly recommend for healthcare professionals and indeed anyone who requires BLS training.”

Dr.Femi from jnited kingdom

“I am very grateful to everybody who contributed to making this website a reality. Thank you all.”

Helen - Adult Nurse Practitioner from Essex

“Convenient course to do from home and comprehensive”